Search voter's list through SMS

Voters can verify their names in the voters list through SMS.
From Puducherry and Karaikal regions, send SMS to 1950(Toll-free)
SMS format For English: PDYELEC <space> <IDCARD_NO>
SMS format For Tamil: PDYELEC2 <space> <IDCARD_NO>

Voters from Mahe and Yanam can SMS to 7738299899
SMS format For English: PDYELEC <space> <IDCARD_NO>
SMS format For Malayalam/Telugu: PDYELEC2 <space> <IDCARD_NO>

Make sure that the ID Card number you send is correct.

Example for English : (1) PDYELEC PY/01/008/027573     (2) PDYELEC HJN0157842
Example for Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam : (1) PDYELEC2 PY/01/008/027573     (2) PDYELEC2 HJN0157842

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