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Registered Unrecognized Political Parties

No. & Date Description
No. 56/Pol.Parties/2021/PPSIII Dt.13.09.2022 Commission's Order dated 13/09/2022 regarding enforcement of compliances in r/o. Registered Unrecognized Political Parties (RUPP), delisting 86 RUPPs.
No. 56/Pol.Parties/2021/PPSIII (Part)/Conf-2022 Dt.13.09.2022 Commission's Order marking 253 RUPPs as inactive and not eligible to avail any benefits of the Election Symbols ( Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968.
No. ECI/PN/71/2022 Dt.13.09.2022 Election Commission declares 253 RUPPs as inactive - bars them from availing benefits of the Symbol Order, 1968
Additional 86 Non-existent RUPPs shall be deleted from the list and benefits under the Symbols Order (1968) withdrawn
Action against these 339 (86+253) non-compliant RUPPs takes the tally to 537 defaulting RUPPs since May 25, 2022
05.08.2022 Final Status of submission of Annual Accounts and Contribution Reports - As on 05.08.2022
Details of Registered Unrecognized Political Parties having headquarters in Puducherry participated in Election since 2015 and failed to provide Election Expenditure Statement in prescribed format